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Explore a culinary masterpiece in North Glasgow, curated by Chef Paramjeet Singh and graciously hosted by his wife, Sharon Gill. Chef Paramjeet, an accomplished executive chef with a prestigious background, offers an unforgettable dining experience.

Our commitment to using premium ingredients and secret family recipes ensures every dish bursts with authentic flavors. We meticulously source the finest herbs, spices, fresh produce, and premium meats, delivering succulent dishes. Favorites like tender lamb, chicken specialties (like chicken pakora, Tandoori mixed grill, and mixed kebabs), and beloved Haggis Pakoras have earned local acclaim. Our Indian Fish Masala offers an enticing alternative to the traditional Scottish Fish Supper.

Paramjeet's culinary artistry shines through secret family recipes, including Padeena, Rogan Josh, Syrah, Bhoona, South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken, Rezal-La, Masander, and more. We prioritize healthier cooking with minimal fat and creams.

Customize your curries, all gluten-free, to your liking. We accommodate ingredient changes and allergy requests. Discover our exclusive "Sizzling Curries" for a unique experience. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to enhance our service and flavors.

Join us for a warm and flavorful meal.

Warm Regards,

Paramjeet & Sharon"


~ Experiences on food ~


We use high quality ingredients to produce every meal right by our master chefs. 


We prepare food according to your order. Your health is our priority.


Treat yourself with a bowl full of happiness everyday, thanks to our awesome creative chefs.


Our food has become one of the most renowned meals that you are craving for. 

Fresh Ingredients

We take care of our customers' health. Food at Desi Tadka is prepared using fresh ingredients only.

Best Recipe

To serve the best taste to our customers, we prepare the best recipes at Desi

Happy Customers

We believe in providing a satisfactory experience. Customers love the taste and richness in our food.

Dr.Nirmaldeep Singh Brar, DMD

Paramjeet Singh and  Sharon Gill

In the heart of North Glasgow, Paramjeet Singh and his wife Sharon Gill have created a culinary oasis that beckons both newcomers and loyal patrons with a heartfelt embrace. As the owner and head chef of their restaurant, Paramjeet is on a mission to deliver an unparalleled gastronomic adventure. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous ingredient selection, with a focus on the freshest and most succulent meats. Behind the scenes, closely guarded family recipes are the foundation of their menu, ensuring an authentic and flavor-packed dining experience. Paramjeet Singh and Sharon Gill's establishment isn't just a restaurant; it's a sanctuary for food enthusiasts seeking the warmth of tradition and the excitement of culinary innovation, all expertly woven into every dish they serve. Come, savor, and be captivated by their exceptional culinary journey.

Jamie Smith

Q Bobo

Sharon Gill's celebrity brother, Q Bobo, hailing from the vibrant culinary scene of Hong Kong, brings an additional layer of prestige to their restaurant. With his own esteemed cooking programs, Q Bobo is a culinary luminary in his own right, renowned for his expertise and flair in the kitchen. Together with Paramjeet Singh and Sharon, he elevates their dining establishment to new heights.

Q Bobo's influence extends to the kitchen, where he infuses his culinary magic, utilizing Chef Paramjeet Singh special spices and ingredients to craft dishes that are a harmonious blend of his Hong Kong roots and the restaurant's dedication to quality like sizzling platters of chicken chinnie, begum behar etc. His creative touch and global perspective bring an exciting twist to the menu, making each visit a unique and memorable experience. With Q Bobo's culinary prowess in the mix, dining at their North Glasgow restaurant becomes a thrilling journey through flavors that bridge continents and cultures.


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